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What Our Customers Say

Tame The Flame

Safe Around Kids

“We had a very scary incident with my 2.5 year old daughter a few weeks back. We thought the fire was out and put on the solo stove cover the evening before. The next morning we were all outside playing and my daughter tripped and even though we have a table surround, her handed landed flat on the cover. She screamed in pain and we then realized the pellets were still smoldering and the cover was hot enough to fry an egg on it! She immediately had blisters on her palm and thumb. I got in touch with tame the flame right after and got a cover ordered. We were always very careful and the burn still happened. I love my new tame the flame cover and do not need to worry about any additional child burns. Thanks Tim and Flavia for helping keep my family safe!!”

Ashly Milky ( Customer)



This is the first and last cover you will ever need for your Solostove Bonfire! It is built to take whatever you can dish out. Need to turn in for the evening? Fire still going? Put this cover on without worry! I've put this on a full secondary burn and its lights out. Cover also works well with Solostove accessories! Over the top of the Shield? Yes! Lid too! Its heavy and built to last. I've had 70mph wind storms and it stays right where it should. This cover will protech my investment for years to come!

Michael Knab 

We have a fire pit cover called Tame the Flame. It easily slips over our fire pit so if sudden rain appears we can quickly and safely extinguished the fire and we aren't left with a wet ash filled mess once we want to get back to enjoying our fire.

Susan Omspacker 

With the constant threat of wildfires, I like the ability to cover up my stove when high winds come in off the mountains. This gives me peace of mind that large gust of wind will not pick up embers causing a castarophie.

Gordon N.   Truckee, CA