Fireproof Covers for Smokeless Fire Stoves and Fire Pits

Control Your Fires With A Peace Of Mind!

Made In The USA | Fireproof Design |  Child Safe | Environmentally Friendly | 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our product is designed to cut off the air supply and assist with terminating the flame

Can I put this on an open flame?

Yes, this fireproof cover is designed to open flame. We recommend, putting it on as the fire starts to wind down, But yes, in an Weather emergency, Safety situation involving children and pets show up, simply cover it up. 

Will the fire still smoke?

  Yes, depending on the type of stove or fire pit, you can expect it to smoke for up to 30 minutes. It dissipates rather quickly. Use caution when putting the fire out and avoid breathing any residual smoke. 

Life of the Cover?

Depending on the amount of use, you can expect many years out of the cover. We offer a 4 year warranty due to wear and tear.

Will The cover surface remain hot during the fire die down?

While the cover will protect your children and pets from sever burns, it will remain hot for a period of time. But significantly cooler than the steel surface.

We advise normal safety precautions when handling the stove during cool down.