Fireproof Covers for Smokeless Fire Stoves and Fire Pits

Control Your Fires With A Peace Of Mind!

Made In The USA | Fireproof Design |  Child Safe | Environmentally Friendly | 

Tame The Flame

About The Company

This company actually started about 7  years ago unofficially.  I have been selling  these high temperature industrial materials to the Aerospace and Forging Industry for many years. I was very frustrated with the my fire pit always smoldering through the night,  I was tired of the rain causing the soot to turn into a black cement type creosol. In addition to that I was always worried about children and pets falling into my pit while it was still hot, and the cookout was over. I put on a store bought cover and it melted making a huge mess. I brought some of my material to a sew shop and tested it and it worked great. I started selling to family and friends. I then happened to buy a Solo Bonfire and designed it with a patented foot ring and I noticed that when I blocked the air vents it put you the fire in a matter of minutes.  I sent it out some product testers and they were amazed at the same result. Since then, we made this product along with our chillthegrillcover.com, we have 7 employees, and many multiple sewing machines in our own fabrication shop.

Our Mission is to a help fellow camp fire lovers enjoy a safe, and convenient method of controlling their fires with a peace of mind that it can be covered at the end of the night safely.